Welcome to the Hampton Court Palace Florilegium Society

The Hampton Court Palace Florilegium Society on-line archive shows all the paintings in the collection since it was founded, in 2004, by a group of artists who had gained the Diploma in Botanical Painting from the English Gardening School (EGS), under the tutorship of Anne-Marie Evans.

In 2005, Helen Allen took up the reins as the EGS Course Director, and has continued as Course Director after the name of the School changed to The Chelsea School of Botanical Art in 2014. She maintains close links with the Florilegium and her Diploma students continue to add to the membership of the Florilegium.

Botanical painting has a long tradition, going back more than 2000 years, as a way of recording information to aid botanists and herbalists in the identification of plants for medicinal purposes. Later, artists such as Ehret, Bauer and Redoute began to paint rare and beautiful specimens of the plants in collections belonging to wealthy patrons and collectors throughout Europe. These collections are known as Florilegia. These paintings were sometimes bound into books and reproduced in order to be sold to other collectors and institutions.

The Society aims to establish an Archive of botanically correct paintings and drawings of the plants growing in the gardens and glasshouses of Hampton Court Palace.

Included in the many plants of interest, at Hampton Court Palace, is the famous ‘Great Vine’ planted in the 18th Century and, most importantly, the historic 17th Century Queen Mary II Exotiks Collection which includes a large collection of Citrus.

  • 184 Citrus limon, Pearl Bostock 2015

A selection of recent works

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Medals Awarded to Florilegium Members

RHS London 2019 – Linda Pitkin was awarded a Gold Medal for her exhibit  “British Native Aquatic and Waterside Plants”. Shirley Slocock was awarded a Gold Medal for her exhibit “British Seaweeds”.

RHS London 2017 – Shirley Slocock, Gold Medal for graphite exhibit – Plants found in “Wayside Tracks and Verge”,

RHS London 2016 – Carol Hartley, Silver Gilt Medal for “Euphorbia for Temperate Gardens”

RHS London 2015 – Leigh Ann Gale, Silver Medal for “The Diversity of Clematis”.

RHS London 2014 – Penny Price, Silver Gilt Medal for “The Life-history of Castanospermum australe , Moreton Bay Chestnut Tree”.

RHS London 2010 – Celia Crampton, Gold Medal for “Magnolia Fruits”.

Previous RHS  Medal Winners,  include Annie Patterson, Beth Phillip, and others.

Several Members have achieved other accolades and several have had pictures purchased by Shirley Sherwood and The Hunt Gallery.

Members have exhibited Worldwide, including Africa, USA, Australia etc.