Curzon Tussaud

Curzon’s interest in flowers and plants began in the schoolroom; picking, pressing and sticking flowers into books, and making sun-silhouettes of plants on unexposed photographic paper through a sheet of glass. The path to botanical art was furthered by seeing an exhibition of Janet Marsh’s work at the Tryon Gallery and another by Susannah Blaxill a few years later. When her family had grown up, another turn in the path led me to Anne Marie Evans and the course in Botanical Painting at the English Gardening School, gaining the Diploma in 2005.

Curzon’s work has been shown in exhibitions including Chiswick Artists At Home: 2004, Chelsea Art Society Annual exhibitions: 2004 and 2005, Chelsea Botanical Artists, Mall Galleries: 2005, New Shoots: Bedgebury Pinetum Florilegium Society at Marle Place Gardens and Gallery: May 2012, The Plant Hunter: Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery, July 2014 and Sunbury Embroiderers’ Gallery: Plants of the Walled Garden: June 2014.

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